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Scoping & Inception Workshops
UX Research
UI Design
Art Direction
Production Pairing
Volkswagen came to Pivotal Labs with broad requirements for a mobile application. The construction and design of this mobile app would be the testing ground for a Pivotal Labs partnership with the venerable auto manufacturer. I worked as a product designer on an agile team of Volkswagen and Pivotal Labs engineers and designers.

The focus of the initial engagement was to output a functioning mobile application to facilitate sales at European VW showrooms. The application would facilitate a dealer’s ability to query a client’s purchase history, requirements, availability and consumer preferences. The confluence of VW and Pivotal Labs engineering experience cemented the path towards the VW Digital:Lab in Berlin.

My daily regimen was to work closely with engineers, product managers, VW stakeholders to create a beautiful and functional iPad application for immediate use in the field. I was present on the project from scoping through production. I feel honored to have been part of such a talented group of professionals. Lending a hand with the formation of the VW Digital:Lab was educational and an honor.

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