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Peter has been invited to speak at TEDx Boulder 2019. 

Peter will be examining how our productivity-focused society and tech culture prioritizes output over awareness. A byproduct of this attitude is the conflation of meditation practices with ‘self-optimization’.

Instead of adding more to our self-improvement to-do list, we can instead regard meditation as a tool that reveals our immediate experience - discomfort and all - as a reliable source of well-being and problem-solving. Hope to see you there!

TEDx Boulder // Pride + Prejudice // October 19, 2019︎

About Peter McEwen

Peter is a design director and editorial photographer who constructs design systems and brand identity work. Peter also teaches at the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Despite all this, Peter still finds time for the very important practice of doing nothing. 

Select Clients

Volkswagen, Pivotal, United Nations, Lululemon, Suerte Tequila, Savoya, PBS, Tango Ventures, Roost Publications, New York Times, Little Barn Ind., Robert Sinskey Vineyards, Penguin Books USA.

Design Practice

A disciplined process augmented by playful inquiry yields a beautiful and functional design. 

Peter manages design teams, designs interfaces, and generates design strategies that support business goals.

Clients have asked Peter to prototype ideas, architect design departments, and to take responsibility for products from inception to realization.