The Field Meditation

Art Direction

The Field works to promote ongoing engagement with meditation practices that cultivate the flourishing of human kindness and awareness.

Along with my team of advisors and teachers I am raising money for a practice space in Boulder, CO. Our brick and mortar meditation studio will offer group classes, self-guided meditation, coaching, individual sessions and also onsite and offsite retreats. The studio will provide a secular, modern and tranquil environment for mind-training practice as well as an event space for weekend retreat. We aspire to become a Boulder community resource where Boulderites can experience an antidote to the speed and stress of everyday living.

Modernizing the the visual and architectural context for meditation practice is a fascinating challenge for me. Meditation practice is swiftly becoming a normative therapeutic option for westerners.  The cultural artifacts and visual customs of the medieval and axial periods are often associated with contemplative practice but are rarely relevant to the fast-paced world of technology and environmental change. Despite the outdated cultural garb, meditation practice retains its kernel of health, freedom and discipline. I currently am engaged in generating contemporary design for interior and contemplative practice spaces and for the Field.